Hospital at home

Rehabilitation at home

Treatment of slow and non-healing wounds

Laboratory tests and medical imaging at home

Geriatric assessment

Placement of nursing caregivers and foreign care workers

Why home hospital and rehabilitation care makes sense?

  • Overloaded hospitals
  • People are happier when able to stay at home and maintain their independence
  • Shortening hospitalization time – especially where the same level of treatment can be given in the patient’s home
  • Improving a person’s quality of life, dignity, privacy and freedom
  • Greater relief and support for family members!

In recent years, we’ve witnessed a global trend in which more patients and their families are opting to receive medical treatment within the home, wherever possible. Many patients are expressing a preference for healthcare and rehabilitation to be delivered within the comfort of their home, close to their loved ones, and within an environment that is natural, familiar and, well “home”.
This trend is driven by several factors:

Why choose Homedical?


Home is the most familiar, comfortable and safe environment for all of us!

This is especially true for our patients, where home offers an emotional and physical refuge, a place where you are guaranteed to feel safe and comfortable.

But in many cases, due to health issues, patients are forced to leave their home for medical treatment in an institution or an external healthcare framework.

Homedical gives healthcare organizations a way to offer their members an alternative that benefits patients – medical and paramedical services by leading teams within the patient’s home. This allows the healthcare organization to combine a medical solution that’s tailored to the needs of the patient, while at the same time, utilizing resources in the most effective way.